Veterans Planning

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Veterans Planning in St Augustine, Palm Coast & Jacksonville

Proudly, North Florida is home to many veterans who have served our country. Veterans planning is an important aspect of protecting a veteran’s benefits. Changes to public law now allow a VA accredited attorney to represent you and your family in VA proceedings.

Unfortunately, many families in St. Augustine, Palm Coast and Jacksonville struggle to provide care for aging or disabled veterans or their surviving spouses. J. Akin Law is highly experienced in helping veterans and spouses who may not be receiving important benefit payments. Even though they may be entitled, some veterans and families are completely unaware of the needs-based benefit programs available through the Department of Veterans Affairs. That’s why veterans planning is recommended for service eligible veterans who want to protect their assets while planning for future care. Like other forms of estate planning, veterans planning and qualifying for VA benefits are perfectly legal and may involve establishing a trust, gifting of assets or re-titling of property. However, doing so can be complicated without our VA accredited attorney providing the proper guidance for the deserving veteran’s next step.

As a veteran service member, you may not feel like you need an attorney for veterans planning. But, when the claims process falls short and promises of a veteran’s compensation are broken, having the right VA accredited attorney can be essential for dealing with a wrongful denial of benefits. However, not all lawyers are accredited or have the qualifications necessary to handle a claim before the Department of Veterans Affairs. Accredited by the VA, our attorney is qualified to assist you in the preparation, presentation and prosecution of your claim for VA benefits. Sometimes, an initial application is wrongfully denied on the grounds that an impairment is not severe enough or may have existed prior to military service. Although you may have reasonable grounds to disagree, it is easy to get lost in the system without a VA accredited attorney for guidance.

If you have been denied VA benefits, or are unhappy with your VA rating decision for a service-connected disability, you should speak to a VA accredited lawyer who understands VA disability and the benefits process. Contact any J. Akin Law office for a free consultation in St. Augustine, Palm Coast and Jacksonville.

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