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Probate Attorney Jacksonville

The term probate comes from the Latin, probatum, which means, “a thing proved.” In simple language, probate is the process by which a decedent’s will is validated and the assets and liabilities of the deceased are managed and distributed.

Florida has specific probate laws that govern this process and a probate court that oversees it. In addition to dealing with the assets and liabilities of the deceased, the probate court is also the venue that hears petitions for guardianship. The process of probate is called “administration.”

Probate Law

In Florida, there are three ways an estate can be administrated: Formal Administration, which is the common probate process; Summary Administration, which is an annotated probate process for estates meeting certain criteria; and Disposition of Personal Property without Administration, which is only available if an estate lacks real property and meets certain other qualifications.

If a person dies intestate (without a will), the distribution of their assets and liabilities will usually require Formal Administration. Whichever administrative procedure an estate must go through, proper planning can streamline this process.

As with most types of law, the probate process requires very specific information to be submitted in very specific ways within certain timeframes. The attorneys at J. Akin Law are experienced probate attorneys who will manage this process for you to ensure filings are complete, timely and in accordance with Florida State law. Ideally, counsel is retained prior to one’s death to ensure the proper handling of the probate process since certain deadlines arise immediately upon one’s passing. However, J. Akin Law has the experience and expertise to assist you at any stage of the process.

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