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Guardianship Law Jacksonville

There may come a time when a loved one becomes incapacitated due to illness or mental or physical disability. A court-appointed guardian may become necessary to assist in the care and well-being of that incapacitated person.

In the State of Florida, guardians are appointed on a voluntary or involuntary basis. There are also limited and plenary guardianship, depending on the abilities of the incapacitated person.

Decisions regarding guardianship are ideally made by the fully capable individual who may require guardianship in the future, laying out the terms and conditions in advance of any mental incapacitation.

It is also possible for a mentally competent, but physically challenged, adult to voluntarily petition for guardianship if he or she is no longer able to care for him or herself. Once an individual is mentally incapacitated and no longer capable of making sound decisions, a petition for guardianship is submitted to the court by a third party, which is known as involuntarily guardianship.

A mentally incapacitated person is more likely to become a target of fraud and may make decisions that can have disastrous results. An appointed guardian can prevent the likelihood of you or your loved one becoming a victim.

Guardianship is also employed for minors in certain situations. J. Akin Law is well versed in this aspect of guardianship and can assist minors in protecting any assets to which they may be entitled.

There are many variables related to guardianship and J. Akin Law will remove any misperceptions by fully explaining the process and your options. Including the future possibility of guardianship can be an important part of your overall estate planning and J. Akin Law will guide you in making appropriate choices that safeguard you and your loved ones. Our initial consultation is free.

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