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Special Needs Lawyer Jacksonville

Special Needs Law focuses on minors or adults who may be physically or mentally disabled, or otherwise vulnerable. There are legal mechanisms available to assist those with special needs. J. Akin Law is knowledgeable in constructing legally binding documents to provide the protections your special needs loved one may require, such as Special Needs Trusts, Individualized Education Plans (IEP), Section 504 Plans, and Communication Plans.

There are numerous laws and programs in place to provide those with special needs access to education, health care, housing and more. Traversing this complex landscape can be daunting. The Special Needs Law practice at J. Akin Law stays current on the latest information and changes in laws that can affect those with special needs.

We are committed to giving your vulnerable loved one access to all available means to assist in his or her care and maintain quality of life. A Special Needs Trust is a type of trust that provides for your special needs family member after you’re unable to care for him or her. A third-party trust administrator, known as a Trustee, is appointed and responsible for utilizing the trust’s funds to deliver care and living expenses for your special needs relative. Special Needs Trusts have strict accounting rules, and money from a Special Needs Trust cannot be given directly to the special

needs beneficiary of the trust. A Special Needs Trust is a legally sound instrument that provides for the care and comfort of your special needs loved one and can be an essential part of your estate planning.

If you are caring for someone with special needs, please contact J. Akin Law to schedule a free consultation. With pointed questions designed to assess your unique situation, we can determine how best to counsel you in planning for the future and providing for your special needs family member for years to come.

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