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Jennifer Akin

Jennifer Akin


Jennifer S. Akin is the Founder and Managing Attorney at J. Akin Law. She has 8 years of experience in law practice. Over the years, she has chosen to focus her practice entirely on helping clients with their Elder Law, Estate and Special Needs Planning. She is a member of the New York (2012) and Florida (2013) bars.

A leader in spirit and action, Jennifer takes on the toughest cases of the firm’s senior and special needs clients and dispenses advice and action plans that protect her clients’ interests in line with the state and federal laws. She herself and her associates in the firm help clients with Medicaid Planning, Veterans Planning, Estate Planning, Special Needs Planning, Guardianship, and Probate cases.

Jennifer believes helping elderly people is her calling. Prior to attending law school, Jennifer was a certified nursing aide at a nursing home in Ormand Beach, FL.  Through her time as a CNA she worked closely with her clients (patients) to make sure they were provided quality care while still maintaining their dignity and quality of life.  Jennifer truly loved this role and her time with these seniors.  It was during this time that Jennifer saw the devastating effects long term care could have on families’ finances, emotions and wellbeing.  Therefore, planning for long term care has become such an important part of her practice.  Jennifer’s passion is to work with seniors and their loved ones by providing them the information to make important decisions about different types of long-term care.

Jennifer believes in a collaborative approach to helping her clients.  This means that her assistance does not end with just legal help.  She works closely with other senior providers to make sure all their needs are taken care from start to finish.  This is extremely important to Jennifer, as she knows navigating the world of estate planning, Veterans Planning, Medicaid planning and long-term care can be extremely confusing, frustrating and exhausting to the point that families do not even know where to start.  Jennifer’s mission is to make sure every family feels that they have been taken care of, have peace of mind and have someone to lean on during these difficult times.

In addition, Jennifer also spends time dedicating part of her practice to that of helping families plan for their special needs child’s future.  This is something very personal to her as she herself is a mother to a special needs child and knows all too well what it is like to not know where to start and where to find information.

When Jennifer is not busy at the office, she spends quality time with her husband, Barry, and two sons, Alexander and Bear.  They are also expecting a baby girl in the summer of 2020.  She loves yoga, running, and travelling with her family.

Brittany Cyr

Brittany Cyr

Office Administrator/Benefits Coordinator

Brionna Hall

Brionna Hall

Legal Assistant

Brionna Hall is the Client Administrator at J Akin Law. She enjoys assisting clients with their initial needs and managing the day-to-day activity in the firm.

Brionna’s family has lived in St. Augustine, Lincolnville, for over 50 years. These deep roots have made Brionna one of the biggest proponents of her town. Born and raised here, she went to St. Johns River State College and studied Arts. She usually knows every person who walks through the doors of J Akin Law and is often called the firm’s social anchor with the community.

Brionna has a lively personality. She is a confident assistant and loves communicating to the clients the options they can choose. With avid interest in the law, and her experience in office administration at J Akin Law, she is often found discussing with the firm’s clients ways in which they can take care of their loved ones and their own future.

As an administration professional, Brionna is apt at all clerical needs of the firm and manages all such tasks on her own in an organized fashion. Her ability to meticulously plan her day and tasks also makes her the go-to event planner as far as her family and friends are concerned.

Brionna aims to continue her training in the law and sees herself become a paralegal in the years to come. Driven with the life goals as a wife and a mother of two, she wants to be a role model for young Aubri and Kamden.

When she is not at the firm, she is at the park with the kids, walking on the beach, or fishing.

Cynthia Phelps

Cynthia Phelps

Client Service Director


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