Safety Tips for Seniors During Hurricane Season

Have you thought about the challenges seniors are facing this hurricane season, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic? If you or a loved one are aging in place, or if you struggle with mobility issues or chronic disease, it is critical that you be well-prepared for any eventuality.

Evacuation is difficult at the best of times, but with the additional concern of COVID-19, you must anticipate needs well in advance to ease the inevitable risk and worry. Preparing now will promote a positive outcome, both for you and your senior loved one. Let us take this as an opportunity to discuss some essential safety tips for seniors during hurricane season.

Have emergency numbers close at hand. Make copies of this list and distribute it to family, neighbors, and medical professionals involved in your care. These contact numbers should include closest relatives, friends, doctors, specialists, caregivers, and the pharmacy.

Prepare a medical kit. Experts suggest having at least three days’ worth of your medications on hand, but it does not hurt to have one or two weeks’ worth, just in case. Additionally, keep a copy of your medication record, along with your Medicare card and any medical alert information. If you have severe allergies, purchase extra Epi-Pens. If you have diabetes, be sure to keep a full set of supplies on hand. Put them all together and keep them in a sealed zip-lock bag. If you use emergency inhalers, keep at least one extra on hand. Should you already have a kit prepared, check the expiration dates on your medical supplies periodically to ensure they are safe to use.

Keep extra PPE on hand. In an emergency, you might be evacuated and forced to shelter with many other people. Alternatively, if you experience a medical emergency, strangers and medical personnel might have to enter your home. Keep a supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) on hand, such as face masks, disposable gloves, and hand sanitizer to protect from exposure to COVID-19. You should have enough for yourself and to protect others in your immediate vicinity, if needed.

If you are concerned about your safety or that of a senior in your life, making these vital preparations can make all the difference. Having a plan can be essential to ensure you are fully prepared to weather the storm. If you have any concerns, reach out to our office today.

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